JPA Services

The Education Technology Joint Powers Authority (Ed Tech JPA) aims to streamline procurement, provide competitive pricing, and secure favorable technology contracts for public educational agencies and other eligible public entities. 

The Ed Tech JPA conducts Bids and Requests for Proposals in an effort to streamline procurement for its members.  Upcoming procurements are listed on the website to keep members and vendors informed and to allow for advance planning.  Members may contact the Ed Tech JPA  and recommend a procurement if they anticipate a need for a product.   RFP documentation is available on the website to allow members to easily access documents for review.  Proprietary information, such as Proposals and Clarifying Questions, are available on password-protected members-only webpages.

The Ed Tech JPA negotiates competitive contracts with prevailing vendors.  After board award all vendors sign a Master Agreement and a California Student Data Privacy Agreement.  The Ed Tech JPA also negotiates the terms and conditions of a Purchase Agreement with each vendor.  Members obtain quotes for their desired quantity of the product and an implementation plan.  Quotes and implementation plans are inserted into Exhibit A of the Purchase Agreement, which is then signed by the vendor and the member.  Copies of all contracts are available on password-protected members-only webpages.

Student Data Privacy
The Ed Tech JPA is proud to partner with the Student Data Privacy Consortium to insure that all applicable laws surrounding student data are agreed to in the Student Data Privacy Agreement (DPA).  The DPA was created by the attorneys in the eMatters Practice Group at Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost (F3) in partnership with California IT in Education (CITE).  After board award vendors sign DPAs for applicable products, including Exhibit E, which allows JPA members to leverage the same terms.   Copies of the DPAs are available on the Student Data Privacy Consortium's website.