Partner Benefits

1. Procurement Savings: Vendors will respond to one RFP which multiple school districts will be able to review and utilize.  Vendors have less need to draft lengthy, individual proposals. Instead educational agencies can work directly with Vendors to identify the best-fit product to meet their needs and move forward with an expedited purchase and implementation process.   Educational agencies' ability to leverage a Master Agreement, without additional RFP or purchasing requirements will broaden Vendors' potential customer pool and reduce the time and resources required secure sales.  

2. Standard Pricing and Contract Terms: Vendors will set pricing in Proposals, and sign a Master Agreement that all Districts may leverage to purchase products and services.  In establishing uniform pricing and contract terms, Vendors will set a standard that can easily be referred to all clients.  

3. Privacy and Security: By signing the Standard Student Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA)  (including Exhibit E - General Offer of Terms), vendors can be confident that their agreements will meet educational agencies' privacy requirements.  The NDPA was created by attorneys in the eMatters Practice Group at Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost (F3) in partnership with California IT in Education (CITE) .  This same team of attorneys serves as the Ed Tech JPA's legal counsel and provides General Counsel serivces to CITE.  By executing one agreement that all U.S. educational agencies can leverage,   Vendors can save time and resources otherwise required to negotiate individual data privacy agreements that meet the unique needs of each separate agency.