Becoming A Member


The Ed Tech JPA exists to provide competitively procured, high-quality technology products for our members.    All California public agencies are eligible to join the Ed Tech JPA at no cost.   Ed Tech JPA Members can leverage competitive contracts for a variety of software and technology products.  The Ed Tech JPA is currently accepting membership applications.   


Become an Associate Member

  • Obtain Board Approval from your governing board
     Sample Board Resolution
     Sample Board Item

    *Sample board materials are provided for convenience only and will need to be customized to meet the requirements of your board.  Some county offices or other agencies may be exempt from this step.  Please check with your organization's legal counsel or business office to confirm approval requirements.

  • Complete and Sign the Associate Member Agreement
  • Complete the Associate Member Application and submit a signed copy of the Membership Agreement


All public entities with a valid CDS code will be provisionally accepted, with formal acceptance at an upcoming regular board meeting.
All public entities without a valid CDS code will be considered for membership at the following regular board meeting and will be notified of the board's determination shortly thereafter.
Private entities are not eligible for membership.

Leverage a Contract

  • Shortly after your acceptance as an Associate Member you will be given login information to view documentation available only to members.
  • You may view current contracts . 
    Each vendor will have:
    • A Master Agreement between the vendor and Ed Tech JPA .
    • A California Student Data Privacy between the vendor and Ed Tech JPA.  
    • A Purchase Agreement between the vendor and Associate Members who elect to do business with that vendor.
      *This will need to be completed by the vendor and Associate Member to establish a valid contract.

  • Conduct your own due diligence to determine the vendor best suited for your needs.  Score each vendor, using price as the highest qualifying factor.
    A sample scoring sheet is available here for your convenience.  Each member is encouraged use their own internal scoring process/documents.

  • Contact your selected vendor directly to finalize order information and establish an implementation plan with the selected vendor.  Attach documentation to the Purchase Agreement as Exhibit A.
  • Obtain approval from your governing board and finalize the Purchase Agreement.  
    A sample board document is available here for your convenience. 
                *This will need to be customized to meet the requirements of your board.
    • Issue payment directly to the vendor. 
    • All order fulfillment will be directly between vendor and Associate Member.


If you have additional questions please contact us for more information.