Member Benefits

Many public agencies independently bid and negotiate technology contracts.  The procurement process can be both lengthy and complex.  After a product is selected, agencies often engage in difficult contract negotiations and privacy reviews with each software provider.   Pricing and contract terms are inconsistent.  Some agencies may pay as much as 40% more than others for the same product. 

The Ed Tech JPA was formed by school districts to simplify technology procurement. 

The Ed Tech JPA enables all of our members to benefit from consortium procurement and contract negotiations.  Through this community approach to technology purchases, Ed Tech JPA Associate Members benefit from: 

  • Reduced Costs:  By joining with other educational and public agencies in a consortium buying model, Ed Tech JPA members receive more competitive pricing.
  • Privacy Protection: The Ed Tech JPA incorporates strict privacy and security protections into our master agreements with our providers.
  • Streamlined Procurement:  Ed Tech JPA Members can leverage existing contracts awarded through a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process.
  • Favorable Contracts:  The Ed Tech JPA negotiates with our vendors on behalf of our members for the most favorable contract terms.