Ed Tech JPA Accessibility Efforts

Ed Tech JPA's web team in coordination with stakeholders and content experts, have designed this website with focus on overall functionality, design, and accessibility. This page specifically addresses accessibility at Ed Tech JPA.


Throughout our site, we are basing our accessibility efforts off of the P.O.U.R. principles, which are four principles of accessibility.


​The perceivable principle focuses on how our information is presented to our visitors that they can easily perceive the content. Several examples of resources that we recommend to adhere to the Perceivable principle can be found below:

Aspects of Principle How we are trying to adapt:
Text alternatives for visual media

Images: alt. text that explains the scene (while also providing links to screen readers)
Videos: Captions or transcripts available to download or view along with auditory accompaniment

Readability and ease of web design

Font: we have included options to increase/decrease font sizes
Design & Colors: design elements and text contrast one another allowing for readability

Adaptability of web pages

Multiple Device Friendly: our site is available on both web and mobile versions
Headers: Heading styles are used to differentiate text.


The Operable principal focuses on how operable the system is. The examples below highlight how our system adapts to this principal:

Aspects of Principle How we are trying to adapt:
Keyboard Accessible Actions can be operated by a keyboard rather than a mouse.
Time Visitors can view the site at their leisure. In the case of scrolling content, most can be paused.
Seizures We strive to avoid using flashing content at all time.
Navigation Our titles and descriptions address what content will be addressed. There are also links to related content and breadcrumbs directing the viewer to previous pages/sections. You may also skip navigation and search using our search bar to find content.


  • Site visitors will notice that website structure and content were designed to be accessible multiple ways: Navigation, Search. Wherever needed, additional instruction to access content is provided. 
Aspects of Principle How we are trying to adapt:
Readable & Predictable Content is created to be readable and also to meet the visitors' needs and thought processes. We also have added a Google Translate feature to the meet the needs of those who do not speak English as their primary language. 
Input Assistance We attempt to provide proper instruction when filling out forms and addressing certain issues.


Robust focuses on how encompassing a system is.

Ed Tech JPA selected Drupal as a platform for its capacity for growth. Drupal is a platform that is ever evolving, supported in multiple browsers, committed to accessibility (click here for details), serves a customer base spanning from private industry to education, and supported worldwide by product consumers and developers.

Ed Tech JPA will periodically review content in an effort to ensure that content remains accessible to all audiences. If you find any content that may be inaccessible or if you need assistance, please let the Webmaster know by completing the Contact Us form here with details. Please include links to sites and pieces of content that may be considered barriers.