Scantron Corporation

Scantron Corporation


General/User Experience

Extract Transfer and Load Data Model Traditional Reporting Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics/Artificial Intelligence Intervention Management Other Required Modules (NOT required) Other Available Components (NOT required)
Scantron Corporation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


The vendor listed above has met Ed Tech JPA's minimum essential requirements for the modules indicated with a "Yes".   It is the Member's responsibility to ensure that
vendors meet its unique requirements.  Members should review RFP Proposals, Clarifying Questions and other documentation available for each vendor. 
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A failure in a section means that the vendor did not fully qualify for all essential requirements defined in that section of the RFP.  Vendors may offer products and services that
meet other qualifications.  Members should refer to the RFP and contact the vendor for more information.  

The use of federal funding may result in additional procurement requirements.  Please check with your general counsel to ensure that you are meeting all necessary requirements.

RFP Documents 

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